All That I Am
Written by Tony Wood/Joel Lindsey
© Benson Music/ BMG
Drums and Loops - Dan Needham
Bass - Mark Hill
Keyboards - Jeffrey Roach
Guitar - David Cleveland

Lord, these lips get me in trouble
So many times a day
I'm so often feeling sorry
For the careless things I say
Your word says deep inside of me
Is where the trouble starts
My mouth just overflows
With what's already in my heart

So starting now
Starting now

All that I am
Is on the altar of You
Change my motivations
Change my attitude
'Cuz I can't change myself
But, Lord I know You can
All that I am is on the altar
So You can alter all that I am

Take this love of reputation
From this prideful heart of mine
Take out the prejudice, the arrogance
The selfishness You find
And if there's unforgiveness
Or some long forgotten grudge
Replace it with humility
Obedience and love


I want everything I am
To be all that You're about
So Lord I'm asking You
To make me new
From the inside out